Thanksgiving was good – although things at my cousin’s house went slightly awry with the turkey, reaffirming my decision never to cook and resulting in the husband declaring (quietly) that we (meaning he) were going to have to make our own turkey when we moved back into our house. On December 9th.


12 days. Actually, 11 and a half now. Not that I’m counting or anything. But I did tell the GC that I was moving in, ready or not, and that they’d have to just polyurethane over me.

As of yesterday, we found the painters ready to paint my office with a lovely color called Baby Fern. Of course, the color I’d picked out was Baby Fawn. The painter said, I figured you’d just made a mistake. :frazzled:

Over the past week, I finished some revisions and got another proposal together, so I’m pleased with my progress. In terms of NaNo standards, it gets little crazy to figure out exact numbers, but I added 30 pages to one ms and revised 400 pages, added 40 pages to another and revised 260 pages, and wrote 60 pages on another, new story. So, all in all, not bad. And hey, if I lose Larissa’s contest, it doesn’t matter, since I’ve still got to eat the scary veggie patty MRE she sent me. I’m waiting until I can find my camera software to load onto the new laptop, so I can present it to all of you in full color. Oh – and I’m making the husband eat it instead. You know, since the construction was all his idea and everything.

Today’s horoscope for Aries:

Great big changes are on the way; and they’ll be the kind of changes that will help you to go after those life goals you’ve been mulling over. Put your seatback in its upright and locked position, and buckle up.

It would be really nice if, for once, my horoscope wasn’t a big, fat liar.

Steph T.