Sorry, everyone – I’m seriously behind on life and not playing catch up very well. It’s one of those, how did it get to be this close to Thanksgiving without my noticing, times. From the looks of things around the blogosphere, it looks like it’s catching – lots of people working hard on NaNo and other projects. I owe some emails, etc. I’m getting there – promise. In the meantime, I’m hard at work on editing and revising a book, plus I’ve started a new proposal. I’ve added 10K to the book, and I’ve written about 10k on a new proposal I’m working on as well. Once that get rolling, I should be able to move fast.

As for the house, the movers are coming December 9th to bring our furniture back from storage and that’s when I’m officially moving back in! Most of the big construction will be done, although I’m going to have workers around for a while, in and out, doing tons of last minute stuff, plus the cabinet guy, who’s building a few other things around the house.

Did I mention the husband has already invited people over for Christmas Eve? Did I mention they were playing Christmas songs already when we went shopping for light fixtures this weekend?

Did I mention I hate shopping for most things, except books?

If I never have to look at another paint sample, it will be too soon. Luckily, I have a very good friend who’s in the design business. All I really have to do is actually go to her house and pick my paint colors based on what she’s painted her walls or what she recommends. So far, so good. And now that Dec 9th is set in my mind, if anyone tries to screw with that date, it won’t be pretty.

Steph T.