And I mean that in the best way possible, since the parents left for Jamaica this morning.:biggrin: A whole week of freedom. Why do I suddenly feel like rolling in a keg?

Maybe a keg is what I need to get ass in gear for NaNo. I think the BOL writing / edits wrung me out – I did about 40 pages of edits plus added over 10 pages at the beginning of this month, but I’m not counting that. So, over the past 2 days, I’ve gotten about 5K done on AM. I’d like to finish it (it’s another Blaze hopeful) and get a proposal together for NM (I’ve got half a chapter now and some rough ideas.) That should bring me to the 50K mark.

And who watched the 2 hour Law & Order special? It had exactly what I love – BACKSTORY!! In fact, this season, I know more about Chris Noth’s background that I ever did when he was on the original series – same with Bobby and Eams. And I’ve noticed they’re doing it with Elliot in the SVU series as well – I always knew he was an ex-Marine, but we’re finding out all kinds of interesting stuff about his background. Interestingly enough, most of it deals with one of my favorite topics in my own writings – the whole, sins of the father, thread. So I can’t wait to see if they flesh out Bobby’s character even more and discuss his mother, who’s schizophrenic and his gambling-addicted brother. It just makes his character richer, because I’d always though that a little of his eccentric style went a long way. But now it all makes sense.

See – backstory IS important.

In other news, Larissa’s gone all psycho happy about the holidays. She’s threatening Christmas smilies (Emma, if I were you, I’d disable that whole option in her blog) and who knows what else. She’s already got a tree up, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Steph T.