At least that’s what my horoscope says.

Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers

Aries: good days ahead. Jupiter has crossed into your solar house of other people’s money. Offers are coming out of the woodwork if you’ve made a logical, organized case for your ideas.

*taps fingers and waits for offers to pour in* What? I’m logical and organized. By the final draft. Really.

And speaking of woodwork, I visited my house last night and got to walk on my new kitchen floor. Since our den used to be a porch long before it was a den, the previous owners never leveled the floor. So now that we’re making the kitchen and den one continuous room, the big lumps and slopes in the floor really weren’t going to cut it. It looks weird all one level – amazing what you get used to, isn’t it? But the funnier thing is going their and watching all the men get into their pissing contests – the plumber’s yelling at the cabinet guy, who in turn gets mad at the GC who turns around and puts it on the builder. Heh. It’s such a guy thing. And it’s all such minor stuff at this point that it’s actually funny to watch. If would, of course, be funnier, if I were able to live at home. *sobs*

As for NaNo check-in, I’m done with the BOL edits and brought it up to 93K from 82K during those edits. I still need to add in 2 or 3 more scenes at the end, but I’m so over the book right now that I need a little space. And I finally got to work on AM today too – 2000 words there, plus at least 1000 words on BOL. But I think I’m only counting AM for the NaNo thing.

Now I’m off to hunt for some SEAL sayings for Christyne to help push us through this month.

Steph T.