I spent yesterday cleaning up about 30 pages of BOL.

I have another 30 to go – I was hoping to be done with it yesterday so I could jump into my other story, and I probably could’ve pushed on if it was straight writing. But I was tired and I knew I was going to end up skimming over some important things and I’ve got to make this ending work. So, today will be spent on the last 30 pages. Because, even though Raine promised me that sprites would come in and help with my ms, nothing happened. And I know she wouldn’t kid about that…

I believe I wrote about 8 new pages yesterday, since I had to add in some new scenes. Larissa’s flying along with 12 pages, and she’s got a fun contest you’re eligible for if you’re doing NaNo or any version of it. SO, how’re you all doing with your pages? Is the madness catching?

As for the house construction, (yes, I’m into the smilies today) it’s moving along. The floor in the kitchen/den is down and we passed the last 2 inspections. We’re in the process of picking paint colors, which is a royal pain. But still, maybe less than a month to go. Less than a month to go. Less than a month to go. *looks left, then right* That didn’t make the time move any faster, did it?

And then, last night, the husband asked me if I’d want to move to LA. As in, California.

They don’t make a smiley face to properly convey what I said in response.

Steph T.