PBW’s doing a great series of craft posts. I like when she talks about putting notes in brackets for parts of scenes you’re not ready to write yet. I do that a lot. The problem is, I also do it when I’m editing. Like, right now, in BOL, I just wrote, fix this part, and moved on with my edits. Like there’s some magical spirit (or editor) who’s going to come along after me, pick up the ms and say, oh, this is what she needs me to do. Of course I can fix this.

Hey, a woman can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, time to write. Or think about what I’m going to write later on tonight, during the self-appointed writing time. Anything I get during the day will just be gravy. I’m trying for six pages per day, even though I really want ten. And my goal is to keep up the pace once NaNo is over.

And now, I must invoke one of my favorite comics here, as once again, the NaNo side of the brain talks with the side of the brain that would much rather sit around, content on its sugar-induced high.

Let the crazy talk begin. :frazzled:

Steph T.