*waving hi*

One thing about staying / working at home is that I tend to lose all track of what day it is. And I’ve been deep in writing mode through the weekend and yesterday. Really, it’s stick your head in the sand mode and pretend you did not hear the contractor mention something about the END of November before the house is ready, mode. And I know he’s using ready as a relative term. (That’ll make it over four months of fending off smoothies, for those of you who’ve been counting. Maybe NaNo will take my mind off of it.)

Today, I can’t really say I was writing. It was more like whining and pulling teeth mode, but once I actually sat down with my edits, I got a lot done. Like, I figured out why a character’s in my book in the first place. I love when that happens, because for a while she was walking around like an out of work actor, yelling, what’s my motivation?

And I’ve got a new movie to add to my, could’ve been awesome but it wasn’t but I’ll watch it every single time it’s on, movies: Gone in 60 Seconds. I really, really wish that Sway (Angelina Jolie) had been more developed. She reminds me of a character Jaq could really work with – she would’ve given her more of a kick-ass role. Sphinx was a pretty good character too – but I’m a sucker for plays on names like that.

All right – off to bloghop. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. And I’ve been saying prayers that PBW and anyone else affected by Wilma’s doing okay, and that they get their power back soon.

Steph T.