Do you know when you write a scene in your WIP and it’s just perfect, until you realize that maybe your hero revealed too much, too soon and that it would be better for the plot overall if that piece of information remain secret for the time being. And then you think, well, easy enough, I’ll just take out that crucial piece of info and then everything will be fine, and you do that except it’s not fine, because everything you wrote about in that scene and the scene before doesn’t work anymore after you take out that crucial piece of information. The witty banter, the growing trust, it’s just wrong now, and probably a smidge too early in the book for it anyway.

But you say, f*** it, and you keep it the way it is because you love the way it’s turning out, except that, now that you’ve had that brainstorm it’s not going to seem right until you fix it. And you wonder why in the hell your hero couldn’t have just told you he didn’t want that piece of information revealed when you revealed it. And, now that you go back and look at it, you realize that if you go back and fix everything you’ll save yourself that whole, they’re being too nice to each other too early, problem that tends to happen when you don’t plot. And then you wonder if plotters have this problem too, and you curse them bitterly anyway, because you know they’ll forgive you.

And then you stare at the two long-assed chapters, even though all you want to do is push forward but they’ve got to be fixed now or you’ll risk ruining everything you write later, since this is the jenga balancing act and if you make a misstep, the whole thing crashes down.

Did that ever happen to you?

Steph T.