I’m over at Romancing The Blog today, talking about getting more efficient with writing. I’m really trying to be more productive, not just for this time of year which is when I usually produce more in four months than the year combined (go figure) but to keep that momentum going. It might involve keeping office hours.

And I was talking early last week over at WriteMinded about NaNoWrimo, and I’ve been stalking Larissa (and the rest of you) to join me. Even if it’s unofficially, and especially because I found out about the Zokotou clause. Which basically means that you can work on whatever WIP you’ve got as long as you’ve written 50K in the past (okay, I’ll ignore the detail that says you have to be an official NaNo winner in order to invoke this clause, but can’t we be absolved if we can vouch for each other that we’ve each written well over 50K before? Yes? Good – out with the rules.)

The NaNo people are going to hate me, aren’t they?

Steph T.