So yesterday went like this:

Me: Yay! Only 10K to go. 40 pages is SO within my reach…

New Story: I’m in that glorious, everything is working so perfectly, stage. Why muddle through the rest of BOL when you could be over here, having fun? Dancing. Meeting your new characters. Did I mention they’re staying up late, drinking and partying? Would you like me to make you a Margarita, perhaps?

Me: 40 more pages and then I can move on. AM can wait…

New Story: Maybe I can, maybe I can’t. Do you really want to take that chance?

Me: *shoves chocolate in mouth and opens BOL Word doc* I am not listening to you. You’re on my list of goals once BOL is finished.

New Story: *laughs softly* Trying to order the way you work, are you? Like you have any control over that.

Me: Did you make a soundtrack for yourself? Is that what’s playing in the background?

New Story: Did you want that Margarita on the rocks? *sings quietly* After Midnight, we’re gonna let it all hang out…

The New Story and I wrestled for a little bit longer, and I resisted and ended up with a first draft of 83K on BOL. I was going for a 90K ST, and I know I can get those extra words with some much-needed layering and fleshing of the ending. But I met my self-imposed deadline of finishing the draft today (and yes, someone emailed me to check up that I kept to my word :biggrin:)

BOL is all printed out now – I’m just going to wait a bit for things to settle in my mind before I read it on paper for the first time. And maybe I will have that Maragarita now. On the rocks, extra salt. Yum.

Steph T.