So the replacement laptop comes. And it’s not the same as my current one. (Did I mention I’m not good with change?) So I call Dell and talk with them, and the supervisor’s like, oh man, they gave you an upgrade because they couldn’t find yours.

Well, I’m not that easy. Because a) it’s still a reconditioned computer and b) it’s bigger than what I have now. It’s basically a portable desktop, and while I know it’s a good machine (it’s the one I almost bought but decided against it because of its weight and size) it kind of takes away from the whole lap in laptop. But it does have a gig of memory, which is double what I’ve got now, plus all kinds of other upgrades. The screen is over 17″. And it does feel sturdier to me. And it is all silver and pretty… (okay, maybe I am a sucker.)

And really, at this point, if I send it back and wait for another one…well, let’s just say the impatience gene is kicked into high gear. Plus, the migraine’s still here and I just don’t feel like having to worry that the current machine’s going to crash and burn any second.

So now I’ve got to transfer some files over – just word docs and music files, because the rest of it I’m leaving behind. Since something was corrupted there from the start, I’m not too keen on dragging it all over with me. But I impressed myself because I actually knew how to change the dpi and switch to clear type so the fonts weren’t all blurred in IE. And I figured out how to import my favorites from the current laptop. If I were home, I’d be on my network and file sharing would be easy, but I can’t figure out how to file share and set up a network between the old and the new laptop (did I mention I know what dpi is?)

I’m thinking that this is where an external hard drive would make life really, really easy. So a trip to Staples might be in order. I’ve got about ten days before I have to send the old computer back to get everything set up and moved.

Now I’m just going to have to bother Bekke at some point about BlogAmp and I might be good to go. Because it’s really nice to have a computer that actually works and doesn’t freeze. Although I’m still not working on it yet – I’ve got to build a little trust with it this weekend first.

Steph T.