Dear Lovely People Who Come To My Site Via Search Engines:

1. I do not personally know Axel Rose. Therefore, I cannot tell you what he’s doing now or where he lives, nor do I have any naked pictures of him. All I do is play several Guns n’ Roses songs over and over again, particularly Welcome To The Jungle and Paradise City. But it would be cool if I knew him, because I’d make him sing his greatest hits over and over to me. Although, if I did that, he probably wouldn’t be my friend for very long.

2. You will not find any nude pictures here, period, so if you’re looking for any of the following, you’re out of luck:
monica a jackson nude naked
kacey blog porn
larissa sex movies
steph nude
nude cameltoe
nude smoothie photos
woman kneeing in the balls pictures
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(And, by the way, naked and nude mean pretty much the same things, so what’s with including both words in the search?)

3. Proving that if you visit this blog long enough, you will be drawn into the fun:
sharon kneed him in the balls
cameltoe kacey
hurricaine sasha
steph dimon
larissa bravo
stephanie ferguson
amy knupp bio

Of course, I understand the military searches:
marines branded crazy (several of my characters would probably qualify, but for my purposes, it’s a good thing.)
us navy seals motto (many different answers to this one, the most popular being, the only easy day was yesterday.)
navy seals are alpha males (I’m thinking, yes. Most definitely.)
military men with dirty socks (I told you, I don’t do their laundry)

And, to round things off, we’ve got the plain old WTF phrases:
fuck night vision( but you haven’t even read my novella yet…)
i took latin in school (so did Raine.)
write romance salary (right now, I’m looking at numbers in the negative. Maybe getting published will change that…)
ass grabbers(please keep your hands where I can see them)
i am left-handed. and get smudges of ink all over my hand (me too – may I suggest Pilot V-Rollerball pens?)
praying mantis symbolism(It symbolises the power of patience and stillness. I have neither and praying mantis’s scare the crap out of me almost as much as scarylarissagrasshopperleg’s picture of the grasshopper legs in her peanuts.

Steph T.