My laptop’s been running hotter than normal, and I hadn’t heard the fan turn on for quite a while. Called Dell, they sent a technician over (since I was not stuck on stupid when I opted for a 2 year hardware warranty) and the fan was replaced.

I was up at 4am this morning, due to unforseen circumstances involving a four year old, a stuffy nose and an Elmo addiction, and realized that the laptop was burning hot and the fan still wasn’t working. Called Dell and got right through (so there’s the secret – if you don’t want to wait on the phone forever with them, I can vouch that the 4am time slot is wide open and operators are actually willing to take your call immediately.)

Anyway, I explained the problem and he said, it sounds like you need a new motherboard.

I immediately mumbled a word with the word mother in it.

At least the tech had a good sense of humor. So yes, the motherboard’s being replaced. For now, I have my Targus Chill Mat running constantly to try and prevent any laptop meltdowns.

As for mothers, mine seems to think that whenever I’m on the computer, that I’m blogging. Since she’s discovered that word, it’s all she likes to say, you’re not blogging again, are you? So I explained that most of the time, when I’m on the computer, I’m actually writing. And then I mentioned to her what Sasha’s mother said to her about how now that she’d sold she’d have to stop talking to her internet friends so much and write.

She said, See, Sasha’s mother said the same thing I always say to you. We both can’t be wrong.

I’m going to call the Contractor now and use the word mother a few times in hopes the construction can be sped up a bit.

Steph T.