I’m not talking about the last hundred pages. I wish I was. But no, I’m talking about a completely different animal here.

Does any writer out there have an easy time writing from page 200 to page 300 in their books? (I’m talking ST’s – for Category, this stage would hit you at about p. 140 or so.) Anyone at all? If you do, is there some secret I’m missing while I’m on the slow crawl from page 225 – since I’ve spent hours working, adding / chopping / still enjoying the characters – only to end up on page 227. (At least I’m ahead, because at one point today I went back to 224.)

It just doesn’t seem right at all. Pages 1 – 140 fly. 140 to 200 goes a little bit slower, but there’s still a nice progression. And then I hit 200. 50K. The halfway mark and I’m staring down the end. At this point, I know what’s supposed to happen, for the most part. I wouldn’t exactly call it plotted or anything, but I’ve got all the threads weaving together well. I’ve got plenty of conflict. Plenty of story left to tell. And I just want to get to page 300 so I can let things start to unravel to that downward slide to the end. (This is where I should mention that I’ve already got part of the end written – I always write a few end scenes while I’m writing the opening. I can’t help it. The scenes show up in my mind and I write them down. I’m always grateful they’re there in the end.)

Is it because I’m impatient? Is it maybe because I do know now exactly what’s going to happen, and that takes the fun out of the middle section?

Someone please tell me the secrets of pp. 200 – 300.

Steph T.