I’m finally settling in to write today. Well, tonight. *crosses fingers*

This morning, I went to visit my house. It’s very dusty but the addition is all framed in and the walls are down. I’ve got to say, it’s going to be a very cool space. When there are, like, real walls instead of plywood. And when there are other important things there. Like food. And maybe a chair or two.

I’ve got to upload some pictures soon.

Anyway, the cool thing about finally being able to see the space is that I can finally see the space. I mean, I knew where it would begin and end, but I’m really bad at visualizing things like that. I have no conception of this will be five by eight or this column will come out a foot. They might as well be saying, blahblahblahblah. My cabinet guys knows that about me, which is why he brought blue tape for the floor.

Because I’ve got this mental picture in my head of how I basically want the kitchen to look. The specifics of the cabinet sizes or the overhang of the countertops means nothing to me in the scheme of things.

This makes sense to me, and it definitely affects my writing style. Did I mention I don’t like writing a lot of description? Maybe because I don’t like reading a lot of description, becaue I tend to ignore it and make up my own. It’s like, if I read a book and I hear the character’s name, I immediately picture that character based on the name. Even if you tell me he’s got dark hair, if I associate that name with blond hair for whatever reason that’s known only to me, your hero’s forever blond to me. Which is why watching a movie based on a book I’ve read can drive me a little nuts if they ruin the mental picture of the characters. Am I the only one who does this?

Anyway, PBW says her new book, Private Demon, should be shipping soon. I’m wondering why my Amazon pre-order says it’s supposed to ship July 2005. 😕

Steph T.