Day 1 of Larissa’s Auction ended last night at 8 PST. (Days 2 & 3 are still live.) Which means, it was 11pm for me here. Which meant, that at 11:01 pm, about 60 emails from the ebay winners plus about 30 paypal emails poured into my inbox. All. At. Once.

Of course, I handled it with my usual grace and dignity.

(Yes, I panicked)

I yelled for Amy’s help digging out. Strangely enough, she was not panicked at all. Neither were Sharon or Jan. By 3am, I’d stopped panicking because I’d responded to all the initial emails. Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if it wasn’t done.

All the winners and the donators have been awesome about getting in touch quickly, so that’s a huge help.

But on Monday night, the emails are going to come again. I never ever thought I’d be scared of my inbox, since I have a definite love affair with my email. But until the last auction ends next week, I’m officially panicking pretty much every hour. Just so you know.

Maybe if I spike one of those smoothies, it would help…

Steph T.