Auction Updates: Day 3 of Larissa’s auction goes live tonight at 8pm PST. It’s the same link as the first two days and it’s the final batch of auction items. FYI – the Day 1 Auction ends tomorrow evening.

Anyway – I’ve just been busy as anything with the auction and trying to get my writing projects whipped into shape. I’m moving along pretty well with the revisions and got a few brainstorms over the past day or so for BOL (Nick’s story) so that’s finally moving along at a good pace – 15 pages yesterday plus some clean-up in other areas of the ms. If I keep up with the schedule I made out, I could be done with both (and I use the term done very loosely in this situation) by the end of September. *fingers crossed*

I also had a whole little mini-rant written, about how a school in my area is sending forty 17 year olds to Texas for 6 hours to volunteer in a church, but really, the stupidity of it all just made me too tired. They’re going to build a sense of community. Yes, in 6 hours. Because I’m sure that money they’re all spending for plane tickets couldn’t find any better use.

I’ve got to stop thinking about that – it’s making me crazy. Well, crazier. Because, let’s not forget that I’m living in the land of smoothies over here. A land where the four year old likes to wake up at one in the morning and stay up until at least 5am. A land where my mother just said to me, you’ve already written a lot of books. Maybe take a break for a while?

Steph T.