First things first –
1. I posted a quick message for Larissa in her blog.
2. Day 1 Auction is still running
3. Day 2 items will be live tonight at 8 PST. I’ll post the link here and at RomAid as soon as they go live.
4. Day 3 items will go live on Wednesday (9/14) at 8 pm PST.

As always – give a yell with any questions. But yes, all the items mentioned on RomAid will go up for auction at some point. I promise.

I’m still in the thick of my total rewrite. There’s not going to be a one-pass revision on this one. The first swipe is to clean up the writing, get rid of the redundancies and those stupid excessive dialogue tags. Every time my hero said something, it was said bitterly. My heroine gasped a lot. I used the words tender and gentle so much that I’ve put a complete and total blackout of those words in this ms, mainly because they didn’t go well with my bitter hero.

Maybe I’ll post one of the worst lines I find later – share the misery. Maybe I’ll have all of you do that – go back to a ms you wrote at least a year ago, and post your worst line here. I dare you. 😛

But I still love this story. The first third is cleaned and it’s starting to sparkle and I’ve already got an idea for two more scenes that will tie everything together more cohesively. And, in between this, I’ve got to make time to get ahead on BOL (Nick’s story) before he deserts me completely for ignoring him.

Steph T.

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