*Larissa Ione’s Hurricane Relief Fundraiser.
(Check back for details about the Auction’s launch date – anticipated for tonight at 8pm EST)
*Other ways to help Larissa and family.

It’s been hectic this week, but in a good way because at least I’m able to do something to help, rather than just stare at the news and feel helpless. That’s the worst. And if Larissa can find a way to joke around when we’re on the phone together, so can I. But hearing about her rejection for Snowbound really got me. I know how hard she worked on that. Two full rounds of revisions. Damn.

In between organinzing the auction with Alison, Emma, Sharon, Amy & Jan, who have all worked their asses off to get this off the ground, I’ve been juggling the four year old and I’ve been writing. I had to. It’s too easy to put it down during times like this, and during times like this is when I need to write the most. I need the escape, the stress release.

The husband and I were talking a while back about the different ways we relax. I tried to explain how hard it was, because one of the things that relaxes me the most, one of the things I truly enjoy is also the thing that can bring about the most stress. (Does that make sense? it was really hard to explain – because writing’s also my job, and I don’t think your job’s supposed to be one of your favorite ways to relax. Then again, most people don’t get to actively work at their dream job, so maybe that’s where things get mixed up.) Because writing’s a love for me, but the business aspect can just suck the pleasure away from it. I try my best not to let that happen, just focus on the page in front of me and block it all out and I try and have fun. Because really, that’s what I’m going to want my readers to do when they pick up my book.

Anyway, my post is up over at Romancing The Blog. It’s about survival, so come on over and say hi and check out the list of links RTB has compiled to help romance writers affected by Katrina.

Larissa’s auction’s starting tonight at 8pm EST if all goes as hoped. *crosses fingers* Any questions, give a yell in the comments or email me. The list of donations is just awesome.

Steph T.