The items for the first day of the auction for Larissa are live!! You can check out a list of items being auctioned here, and you can start bidding here. (8pm PST).

We’ve done all we can to avoid having any problems with the listings – but if anything does crop up, we’re on top of it and will fix it asap. This is only the first batch of items. If all goes well, the second batch should go up on Monday (9/12) and the third batch next Wednesday (9/14), both at 8pm PST as well.

The generosity of this community is amazing. I know I’ve said it before, but really, I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown Larissa.

A HUGE thanks Alison, Emma, Sharon, Amy and Jan because without them, this never would’ve gotten off the ground. They’re amazing. :biggrin:

Thanks in advance and happy bidding!!!

Steph T.

P.S. Spoke to Larissa today. Seems she didn’t bring enough food with her to Mississippi because she thought they were only staying for a day. So they’re eating MREs. And she’s threatening to send some to me for research purposes 😉 She’s tired, but she said she’s totally in survival mode. She’s going to need lots of hugs once she gets to WA, I think.