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Better late than never with the search phrases, right? I’m assuming we could all use a bit of a humor right about now, so here goes:

Things I learned this month:
1. A lot of people want to know what Axel Rose is an anagram for (maybe, just maybe, I’ll tell you)
2. A lot of people are interested in naked military men
3. A lot of people are obsessed with being kneed in the balls, as evidenced by the following search phrases:
kneed in the balls
being kneed in the balls by a woman
men who like being kneed in the balls
woman kneed balls

how to get revenge on the man who betrayed you (same person with the kneeing in the balls obsession?)

oh wait–this is your blog? (last time I looked…)
How to tell if you are an alpha male (if you have to ask, you probably aren’t)
Alpha Male + Romance (let me know if you find an easy way for this to happen, ‘kay?)
writing romance and guilt (I’ve got none)

the great cameltoe search (see Larissa)
bonnie ferguson massage (is there any extra charge for that?)
kacey and reno porn (now, these were pictures I didn’t see on your blog)
steph porn (maybe there’s something I’m not telling…)
the naked cowboy 2005 (maybe Cece has some pictures)

he smelled like broad shoulders (can’t quite tell what that would smell like)
pregnant surfer (I’m sure it happens…)

lazy town’s next superhero (I’d totally live in lazytown if I knew where it was. Especially if it has its own suprhero.)
free lazy town porn stephanie nude (I guess I’m already there…)

can you tell me if my horoscopes are true (I can tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…)
foie gras is frog (wrong)
ghetto fabulous phrases (those damned paperbacks)

tattoo of a mean looking seal (seal or SEAL – there’s a big difference)
navy seals and bar brawls (heh)
navy seals like to say (Hoo-yah)
navy seal nude (where?)
being naked in the military (is this a requirement?)
the word clusterfuck (that’s an ever-popular one around here)

anacondas sam and bill (oh sure, where were you whenI couldn’t remember their names?)
anacondad (as in, I’ve been anaconda-ed?)

seal the singer what happened to his face? (I thought I’d read once that his scars were from childhood polio.)
big old jet airliner lyrics (my friend will tell you it’s really big old Chad had a rhino.…)
axel rose anagram (fine, since everyone keeps asking, I’ll tell you: it’s oral sex.)
devices that make you sing like axel rose (that would be cool – I’d just sing Welcome to the Jungle over and over again.)

get jake laid Would you believe me if I told you how many times this phrase has been searched for this month?

Steph T.