*Larissa Ione’s Hurricane Relief Fundraiser.
(Check back for details about the Auction’s launch date – anticipated for September 9th)
*Other ways to help Larissa and family.

I spoke with Larissa this morning. She had some good news about her town, in that the power seems to be back on and the phone lines are working again. Spotty service on both ends, but it’s something, And she was very happy to report that her cat, the one she had to leave behind in Mississippi at the vet, survived both his illness and the hurricane. So it looks like she might be making the long trek back starting early next week – to meet up with her husband and to do any salvaging they can. And that’s going to be the tough part, but I’m glad her husband will be there with her when she sees her house for the first time.

I want to thank all of you for helping me to get the word out about her situation as quickly as possible, and for all your thoughts and prayers and kindesses. It’s helping more than you know.

Steph T.