UPDATE: If you would like to PayPal money for Larissa, you can send to this email: paypaldonations AT alisonkent.com and all funds will be used to purchase cash cards for her.
Guys – I’m in tears. I just spoke with Larissa again. It looks like they lost everything. Her area in Mississippi (Gulfport) took a direct hit. She’s just devastated and overwhelmed, hearing reports that her house is totally submerged.

Alison, Emma and I have been batting around a few ideas as to what we can do to help Larissa and her family, and we’d like to get things started right away.

For the next two – four weeks she and her family will be in flux, split between states so her son can start school with his grandparents while she salvages what she can once she can get back in, and her husband will be doing search and rescue (he’s Coast Guard, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Larissa and her family). She’s not going to be in any one particular physical place to store things, and won’t be for a while. We’re thinking that what she needs right now is immediate help in the way of necessities until any emergency money or insurance kicks in. Visa/Amex cash cards would be the best, along with gas or WalMart/Target cards. Those would cover groceries and clothes and school supplies and pet food. Thinking ahead, Home Depot cards would also work as well.

Since she’s going to have spotty internet service, if any at all, physical gift cards, rather than emailed ones would work best.

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. You can use the address below, and we’ll forward anything that comes in to her as a next-day / priority kind of thing, so we make sure nothing gets lost in transit as she moves around and regroups.

Access Romance
Larissa Ione
1795 N. Fry Rd. #263
Katy, TX 77449-3347

Any questions, please feel free to contact me or Alison or Emma.

Steph T.