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The conversation that takes place at least once a day between me and my mother:

Mother: Do you want a smoothie?
Steph: No thanks.
M: I’m making them. You don’t want one?
S: Nope.
M: Blueberry smoothie?
S: No.
M: Banana smoothie?
S: No.
M: Blueberry banana smoothie.
S: No.
M: But it’s a smoothie.
S: Don’t want one.
M: So you don’t want a smoothie?
S: No.
M: Do you even know what a smoothie is?
S: Yes, don’t want one.
M: That’s just stupid. Everyone wants a smoothie.

FWIW, if you insert the word scrapbook for smoothie, you’ll have a transcript of the last time it was craft day on QVC. I finally broke down and agreed to the scrapbook, which I gave away as a gift. So far, I haven’t caved into the smoothie. Dear Lord, is it November yet?

Steph T.