I’m alone, which is a rare, rare treat since I’ve temporarily moved in with my parents, thanks to the contruction mess that’s currently demolishing my own house.

Well, alone unless you count the four year old, who is napping. And the dog, who is also napping.

The husband went one way and my parents the other, because of some big brainstorm concerning dinner. I caught the words ‘fajitas’ and ‘Steph needs Diet Coke’ and ‘she’s not even listening to us’ and I don’t bother correcting anyone that of course I can hear every word they’re saying, but as long as I’m going to be fed and have caffeine, I’m not looking up from the writing.

As for the writing, thank you for the many offers to take the SEALs off my hands for the next few days. But please be careful what you wish for. I’m just sayin’, the natives are getting mighty restless and once they leave me, I can’t be responsible for their actions. 😎

Steph T.