The four year old did really well, and the doctors are all very happy with the way her Titanium Rib Rods are helping her spine and lungs. So thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers – they’re so appreciated! We got home late last night and my parents have been spoiling her appropriately. And me too, because there were peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookies waiting for me.

On the construction front, the husband reports that the den and kitchen and bathroom are entirely gutted – ceiling beams exposed, etc. The foundation slabs have been poured and framing starts this week. I think they’re also supposed to start moving the inside walls too. Which means I guess I have to get off my ass and do the little things, like decide on countertops and tile and stuff. Because why not do that in a last minute, stress-induced rush?

Like Scarlett, I’ll think about that tomorrow. Or better yet, Monday, even. Or when the peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookies are gone.

After I get a little more organized, I’ve got to get some writing done today. I did manage to write about 10 pages or so over the past five days, and I still have to type in some of what I wrote longhand on vacation. I’m hoping to be solidly over 60K by the end of the weekend on this ST. I’m also hoping Jake stops trying to insert himself into every single scene in this book, claiming rights since the book’s about his best friend.

I’m dealing with 5 or 6 alpha males in this one, all SEALs and only one can be the main hero. And their heroines keep eyeing me and rolling their eyes like, we’re going to have to rush in and save these guys, aren’t we? And the heroes keep brushing the sand and grit off them and smiling every time I make something detonate and grumbling every time I mention things like love and commitment.

I might have to send Jake out visiting for the weekend to preserve my sanity. Of course, I can’t promise that he won’t drag the rest of his SEAL team with him. Except for Nick. Nick’s staying here and learning to play nice with Kaylee. Or else.

Steph T.