Hi all! Missed you guys too!

Vacation was great – the beach town we go to so casual and easy-going. I could’ve stayed another few weeks easily, especially because the weather was awesome. I got through most of my TBR pile and I even wrote about 30 pages. And I ate enough fried clams and soft serve ice cream to feed a small nation.

But there’s still Steph’s #1 rule of beach-going. (This is, of course, if I ruled the world) No kites. Ever. Because, inevitably, the kid and father just learning how to fly a kite will do so right by my chair with not enough wind to fly spit and thus, leaving the kite-turned-weapon to nosedive right on my head. So, no kites. I’m picturing myself with some kind of cool laser that will just cut through the string or a megaphone over which I can annouce that someone is breaking the rules of my beach.

(I’m waiting to see if Larissa tells me she loves flying kites on the beach. When she does, I’m going to tell her I think non-tofu hotdogs are delicious.)

Let’s see, Sharon, we mostly did surf casting, since the four year old isn’t boat ready yet. Caught some decent stripers, but nothing to write home about. Next year, I’m going shark fishing again – that’s my favorite.:grin:

Sasha asked about the house – the husband headed back there yesterday afternoon. Apparently, the kitchen’s been ripped out, they’re still building the foundation, the rooms are all covered up and sometime next week is the big break-through.

I’m still trying to catch up on my bloghop. Kacey’s got a great post, which started with Kelly, about why and how they started writing. And Cece’s giving away a birthday bundle of books – go check here and here for 2 chances to win!

Steph T.