Today’s horoscrope for Aries:

Food is your friend — especially when you remember that it’s there to fuel you, not to make you feel better when you’re sad, angry, frustrated, etc. Appropriate behavior — it’s the key to lifelong friendships!

Dear Horoscope,

In about fifteen minutes, more people that I’d like to think about will descend upon my wreck of a house. All at once. First, six movers who will be packing some parts of the house, but not others. Picture me running around like a headless chicken making sure the right things do get packed. Also, large trucks and more men will pull up to begin laying the foundation for my addition. Alas, none of the above mentioned men will be the band of roving SEALs looking for work for hire that I’d wished so hard for. So really, not so much fun. Add to this the grandparents coming to watch the three year old, and I’m sure you’re beginning to understand that perhaps, your lecture for me today was not so on target. Or maybe it is, but either way, you are not my friend right now.

(Please note the one person missing from the above list is the husband, the one who wanted this addition, who just couldn’t take off today. Heh.)

So if you need me, I’ll be the one with the chocolate bar sticking out of her mouth for most of the day.

Thank you.

the Aries woman who plans to use food to calm her down today and there’s not a damned thing anyone can do about it

P.S. I got the Blaze DONE. D.O.N.E. Revised and it’s out of here as soon as I can escape to the Post Office. (I never thought I’d want to escape into the PO, but there it is. Who moved my chocolate?)

Steph T.