do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not (does not WHAT?)
seal blog (not here, but Froggy has a good one)
recon training (Jake could show you how…)
in love with a marine (that’s sweet – some of my heroines are too)
force recon clothing (I’m guessing, cammy)
ex navy seal web sight (again, Froggy’s territory)
willingham navy seal (Michelle, something to share?)
hard to get into bud/s training as an officer (ask here)
are navy seals really paged (I’m thinking, yes)
what happens during sere training? (I’m thinking, it’s really hard)

tv slut (thank you, Jill)
unagented writer sell chick lit (I’ve heard it happens)
top shelf reach aide (I’m not that short)
i-post-naked (i-am-scared)
viggo mortenson tied up (just give me a minute to reflect on that image)
nictotine effects (it’s GOOD, damnit)
coloring pages ghetto (I wouldn’t know – my mass markets won’t have pictures)
homemade porn blog (not here, although Jake might like that)

lol @ steph (stop laughing at me)
get jake laid (no comment)
reading is a problem for me i keep counting pages (are you the one who posts naked?)
cece`s real name (ask her here)
handcuffs timer (as long as Viggo’s don’t have this feature…)

kacey sex movies 2005
porn star kacey

(Kacey – is there anything you’d like to share with the group?)

Steph T.