Construction started yesterday. Yesterday was supposed to be a nice walk-through of the house (which should have happened a month ago – and I only mention this because it will become relevant later) and an excavation plan was to be made, so foundation digging would start toay.

Movers are hired to come in next week and pack up, so I don’t have to do much, since construction will be outside for the next two weeks.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the framer eyed the kitchen and said, this wall? It’s got to come down tomorrow at 9am. You’ll have to clear all this stuff out.

Needless to say, I was not happy. And if I’m not happy, the husband certainly isn’t happy. And I love saying, I told you so. (see above comment about the walk through.) Plus, even though I’m a pantser in my writing life, I’m very much a planner/plotter in real life. I need a plan, I had a plan, and now, not so much.

So I’m more than slightly stressed right now. The house is in an uproar and in about 10 minutes, a wall is coming down. They promised, since it’s a small wall, and there is a new, plywood wall, the dust on this one won’t be bad.

I don’t trust anyone right now.

And to all my writing buddies headed to Reno – have a blast and some drinks for me! For those not going, I’m hearing rumors about a mini, left-behind, writing challenge. I need 25 pages ASAP. I’m sure the jackhammering is going to help my productivity tremendously.

Steph T.