Okay – I’m almost at 60K. I wrote thirty-one pages today. I needed that, because I’m so close to the end, even though I’d already written the actual end a long time ago. It’s the middle and those damned secondary characters that threw me off.

I think we might understand one another now. I think I’m ready to print this draft out and find the 10k or so I need during the revision and fleshing-out phase. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? (this is the point where you lie to me and tell me, no Steph, that’ll be a piece of cake.)

Cake? Who said cake?

And, just so you know – the husband and I have still done nothing to prepare for the construction. Nothing.

Okay, I’m going to finish watching Notting Hill and then collapse. And then tomorrow, I need to find those words. Because sometime next week, the printer’s getting unplugged and stored. How’s that for inspiration?

Steph T.