Dear Stephanie,

As your secondary characters, we’re a bit concerned, and we thought it best to bring our grievances to the table. Well, actually, we weren’t sure what to do, but some guy in desert cams passed by a few hours ago and mentioned we try this tactic. So here goes.

We’re not sure what you’re not getting about us. We are, by definition, supposed to be soulmates. We are not your main characters, and when you planned us, you reasoned that our love at first sight concept would be a perfect foil to the main couple who were having some trouble getting together. We are not having any trouble. We are your easy characters. Why are you trying to make our lives difficult? We just want to hop on Ty’s Harley and ride off to Vegas. That’s what you planned. Make it happened. (The guy in desert cams said to try ordering you to do it – and then he laughed)

So, soulmates. Harleys. Vegas. Got it? Good. See you at the end of the book.

Love your secondary characters,
Samantha & Ty

Steph T.