We finally got a date for our house construction – it’s starting Monday. (I HOPE I can lose that Monday, but I have a feeling it won’t happen) And if you’re now asking yourself if you’re going to be tortured for the entire project with the details, the answer is yes. Because if I’m going to be tortured, so are you. I will try to be funny, but most of the time it might come out like a silent scream, since the three year old and I will be moving out of the un-livable construction and into my parents house for some of the time.

Yes, you heard me right. I was supposed to move in with my friend. With the pool. It was going to be glorious. And then the construction got moved back a little, and we’d be moving in right when her baby was due. I think it was very inconvienent of her to not plan her pregnancy better, and I’ve told her so. She just keeps asking if labor will hurt.

Not as much as moving back in with my parents. (mom, if you’re reading this, I’m totally kidding. Really. Will you make me breakfast every morning?)

Anyway, I’m still mainly in denial that it’s actually going to happen, but even so we’ve already headed down that slippery slope from where there’s no going back, namely – we’ll do that after/during the contruction. Here’s an example:

Husband, we need the railing painted. (said four months ago)

We’ll do that during the construction. (works for me, especially if I completely ignore the fact that the construction has nothing to do with the outside railing and that I’m listening to the man who takes months to change lightbulbs.)

Husband, can you put the suitcases into the attic? (asked nicely 3 months ago, not so nicely last week)

We’ll need them to pack up before the construction. (So right, but that still doesn’t make up for 3 months worth of annoyance)

It’s insidious, really. I can justify everything now, like that mountain of clean laundry that’s needed to be put away for about a week or so.

After contruction, I’ll reorganize all the drawers. But for now, why bother to put it away? I’m just going to have to pack it up when we move out.

All I know is, I’ve got a lot of packing up to do this weekend and sixty pages left to write. *insert hysterical, sobbing laughter here* All I know is that Jake better be around to help with some of this…

Steph T.