Open up BlogAmp to transfer in new songs. Play new songs. Get distracted by new songs.

Set MinTimer for thirty minutes.

Open Word doc.

Immediately check MinTimer again. Twenty-nine minutes left.

Google lyrics for STP’s Plush for no important reason other than I’m very into that song today. That’s what happens when it’s the song playing when your alarm goes off.

Talk with the husband about how much he didn’t like National Treasure. Tell him this was immediately apparent when he fell asleep a half an hour into the movie. Do not tell him I fell asleep immediately after he did, as this ruins my, I’m staying up all night to write & I can so write and watch a movie at the same time, proclamation.

MinTimer down to twenty-six minutes.

Open Word Doc.

Remember Yahoo messenger still isn’t working and that there could, at this moment, be several important messages I’d need to know about immediately.

No important messages. MinTimer = Twenty minutes. (damned blogs – why are you people so entertaining? Stop it.)

Wonder if Larissa’s left yet. Worry about her. Check hurricane’s path. Say quick prayer for her, PBW, Holly & anyone else I know in path. Stupid hurricane.

Re-open Word with Sharon’s words of wisdom ringing in ears: Blow it off if you want to. It’s only your career.

Immediately remember Sharon’s gone fishing for the weekend and check email again since she’s not writing now either.

Listen to Boston’s, Let Me Take You Home Tonight, and realize it’s been completely ruined by my mother who thinks the song is called Let Me Take You Home To Die.

MinTimer = sixteen minutes

Wonder if this is why Holly put me under Wanderer. Maybe I should be put under ADD category. (Thinks this is very funny and would comment on Holly’s blog except that everytime I try and login to Holly’s blog, I get an error message. Get paranoid.) Have song lyrics for The Wanderer playing inside head while Take Me Home To Die still plays on blogamp.

Lynn installed blogamp on her blog. Wonder what she’s listening to now? (Cinderalla in Rags by Final Frontier, in case you were wondering)

Open Word again. Get distracted by files I’ve started for new website design Bekke’s doing for me.

Need cookie. Get two, just in case sugar deficiency crops up in next few minutes.

(this is not going well)

Back at Word. Must. Finish. Blaze.

MinTimer = zero minutes left

Restart MinTimer and try again.:oops:

Steph T.