First, prayers to anyone and everyone touched by the events in London. And please send out prayers to Larissa, who’s on hurricaine-watch. Same with PBW.

I’m a day behind, but go congratulate Amy K on THE CALL!!!!!

I’ve been tagged by Bonnie for this one:

1. Myself: Only child, married, mom to the three year old. Shy. Superstitious. Hates to talk on the phone. Friends and family know this, love me anyway, and usually just show up at the house when I’ve let a few messages slip by unreturned.

2. Wisdom: A good friend once counseled me to try not to spend a single moment doing something I didn’t want to do. Her philosphy is that there’s too much we have to do, and shouldn’t burden ourselves doing things we should’ve just said no to in the first place. So although it sounds selfish, you actually end up with more time for you, which in turn allows you more time in life with the people who really matter.

3. Regrets: Well, everything I’ve done, for better or worse, has made me the person I am today. And I really like that person, so I guess I’m doing okay.

4. Family: It’s big, between the husband’s and my own – very close-knit and supportive.

5. Films: Gone With The Wind, The Big Easy, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and many more that escape me right now.

6. Faith: Raised Catholic. God and I are frequently not on speaking terms, although we have an uneasy truce at the moment.

7. Blogging: Love it.

8. Words: Hoping I can make a career of them.

9. Friends: I’ve got a close-knit circle I’ve known forever and another close-knit circle on-line. Both are indespensible to me.

10. Ideas: For writing, I find them anywhere. Frequently, my books start with just one line I keep playing around with in my head, or sometimes it’s a line of dialogue from the TV that catches my interest and from there the story grows. I try not to question this too much.

For this one, I’m going to tag two victims friends: Cece and Sasha. But anyone who wants to, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Steph T.