Otherwise known as internal conflict. First, my characters were being way too nice to one another. All kissy-huggy sweet. Bleech. Especially because it was the halfway point. Far too early for that much niceness.

And then they were sniping at one another. I don’t like sniping. Fighting, yes, but my hero was being impossible. So we sat down and had a nice, long talk and I discovered something about him – another major reason for his internal conflict. I’m not sure why he didn’t share that with me when he first arrived on the scene, but he’s a quieter alpha than most. It helped so much because now, even though I’ve got about 70 pages left to go I’m finally on that downward slide. Because I get what his deal is, I’ve got the middle done (well, done-ish. I know what’s supposed to happen – now I have to go back and fix those parts that say things like – put sister’s wedding scene here. Because somehow, I don’t think any editor’s going to appreciate that much tight writing.)

Steph T.