I love search phrase day. 😆

hell dream i feel ashamed (No need to share more.)

ask Stephanie.com (Don’t. Please. There are no answers here.)

shark repellent bracelets (I didn’t know they made them)

homemade torture device (I swear it’s Jake’s.)

stupid last names (Hey!)

the Apprentice desk organizer (Mine shipped yesterday, and they’re already out of stock again.)

spread of cameltoes (Thanks, Larissa – your blog is infecting mine)

pbw porn (Work for hire, maybe?)

heroines in handcuffs (Yes, been there, done that. But the heroines enjoyed it, I promise.)

Stephanie’s pony tells author (Is that the problem? I don’t have a pony to tell me stories.)

writing a literary synopsis (Makes sign of cross & slowly backs away)

manic writing (Sharon and I have this one covered)

where is Axel Rose? (He’s not here. If he was, I’d make him sing Paradise City over & over.)

weddings blindfolded (Is he that ugly?)

leave your wife nicely (Good luck buddy.)

she’s a cake lady (I like cookies too.)

the only easy day was yesterday (The SEAL motto. Works for writers too.)

Delta Force and SEAL Team Six (Maybe they’re here, maybe they’re not. Classified, baby. Classified.)

alpha see ya (Tried it – it doesn’t work on alpha characters)

what does BUD/s and SEAL mean in the Marines (Jake answered that one, and I can’t really put what he says here)

Steph the Navy SEAL (Aw, that’s sweet. Jake says no way in hell, but still…)

Smiley Maker (okay, okay – I’ll share it here, with special thanks to Amy from Writeminded.:smile:

Steph T.