I already told Cece this story, but she’ll have to hear it again. First, I passed on this article to her about the addicting effects of nictotine. ( And anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking will appreciate it.) And it reminded me of a group hypnosis session I went to with my friend several years ago.

The doctor hypnotized you to either lose weight or quit smoking. My friend and I were there for the weight loss session, because my friend had already been through one class and swore it was amazing, and I’d stopped smoking a few years earlier. And the room was packed full of eager people all waiting for the magic.

So the doctor has you concentrate on the room you’d like to envison yourself in. For the weight loss group, it was called the room of slenderness. He told us to envision the type of comfy chair we’d like to sit and relax in in that room of slenderness. There is no bad food in the room of slenderness. There is no stress in the room of slenderness.

And, when I was all comfy in my slender room chair, and thinking, hey, I could live in this room, he started giving instructions to the people who wanted to stop smoking. Their rooms were clean – there were no ashtrays, no smoke, nothing that would trigger you to want a cigarette, like a big cup of coffee, etc. He went on and on and on about smoking and I’m sure he mentioned how bad it was for you, but all I kept hearing was coffee and smoking, and by the end of the session, I was in the room of slenderness with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Guess I wasn’t one of his success stories. I wonder if he does page count hypnosis sessions?

Steph T.