1. From the Knight Agency Blog, an editor’s comment on that most important quality in any submission:

Probably most important would be the voice. I can work with an author on the plot to certain extent, but I can’t invent a new voice for an author. So as an editor, I look for a great tone and voice to really draw me into the story. That’s also the number one reason I would pass–I just don’t like the sound of the writing. It’s clunky, or it’s harsh, or it’s unrealistic. As as an editor, I don’t expect a novel to be perfect–or I wouldn’t have a job!–but there are things I can’t fix. Voice and tone are the two biggest.

What I take away from that? We don’t need no stinkin’ plots. (Subtext, people, it’s all about subtext.)

2. Did anyone else watch Hit Me Baby One More Time last night and see Wang Chung sing Nelly’s Hot In Herre? Like the locust movie, I couldn’t turn away, but I did cover my eyes a few times, like if I didn’t watch it wouldn’t be so bad.

3. Last night’s conversation immediately following the Wang Chung debacle:

Me: You know, the runaway bride’s getting a movie deal. She’ll probably get a book deal too. *insert not so muttered curses here*

The Husband: Why don’t you become the runaway mom?

Anyone with me? We could do an entire series.

Steph T.