Astrology for writers, editors & filmmakers (June)

Aries: I hate to pound on an old item, but the matter of health is still an issue, therefore keeping you from performing at top speed and efficiency. Say no to your active social calendar and set a goal of how many pages a day you can expect to produce..then stick to it.

A page per day goal, huh? Sounds familiar. Like I’ve tried that before. Still, it’s an interesting horoscope when it’s coupled with this one:

Daily Horoscope for Aries: If you hit the ground running, you’re sure to get a huge jump on the competition. Just remember than in this race, what counts isn’t how quickly you end up at the finish line, but how long you can keep up your pace. So remember to ration your energy when necessary — if you feel yourself starting to flag, take a time-out. Bring it down to a walk. Sip some water. Then jump back in and give it all you’ve got.

I finally settled in with my pen and paper around midnight (because I was way too lazy to get out of bed and the husband and the three year old didn’t seem to notice the light being turned on) and wrote about ten pages. And the whole time, but especially when I made that breakthrough, I kept thinking how true it is that you just have to write, even if it’s crap because all of a sudden you’ll start writing something that isn’t crap and you’re like, this is what it’s all about. And I love that feeling, because it’s the kind of feeling that makes you smile and mumble to yourself when you’re writing because it’s fun. And when you get to that fun part, the ideas just flow, and I’m like, oh, this is what’s going to happen next (that’s the good part about not plotting – I like being surprised right along with my characters.) And what I came up with was such a perfect idea that I needed to share it with someone. Immediately.

Of course, it was one in the morning and when I nudged the husband to tell him the brilliant idea, he kind of mumbled something about it being really bright in here. But I know he was secretly thinking that my idea was brilliant. Or how to disable all the lighting fixtures in the room.

Steph T.