*UPDATE: I’ve worked all day. I’ve rewritten the scene. The good news: I’m on page 144. The bad news: I still have an entire chapter to cut. Oh – and it’s dusk here and the Darykn are starting to stir a little. Cece, there’s talk about the dancehall and Jake is busy mumbling about pencil pushers at the Pentagon and that PWB should have paid more attention to him instead of telling him to make her more tea.*

My WIP has been on page 140 for two days despite the fact that I’ve been actively working on it.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. At one point, it was up to page 144. I’ve been trying to work through one particular scene and somehow all that I’ve managed to accomplish is to lose ground. Hence, page 140.

This isn’t fair. After staring at it and thinking about it and scrawling things on the yellow letter-sized pads with all sorts of pens (mostly curses that start with the letter F) I’ve realized that, in order to move forward, I’ve got to cut one scene and rewrite it much differenly. In the scene I have, things are too smooth, too happy for everyone involved. My characters cannot be SO happy this early in the book. No how, no way. I need drama, angst, sexual tension.

What bothers me the most is that, even after I rewrite this scene, my WIP will most likely STILL be on page 140.

*walks away muttering about bastard characters*

Steph T.