If you don’t already know this, I’m a happily self-confessed office supply store whore. (And won’t that turn up some interesting search phrases?) Mainly, the love affair is with pens, although I can easily become obsessed with other things, like the perfect yellow, letter sized pad to go with the pen or the office supply organizer that the contestants for The Apprentice created (yes, they actually sell it and yes, like pavlov’s dog, I immediately felt the need to purchase it. Of course, it’s out of stock. My name’s on the list, even though I have no place to put it. Doesn’t matter – it can hold office supplies. Weren’t you listening?)

Anyway, I’m very picky about my pens because I’m left handed. (one of the nuns who taught me used to call it that a sign of the devil. I can almost hear the typing of the search phrases now…) See, in order for me not to end up with ink smudges all over my hand where it drags over the paper, I can’t really use erasable pens or pens that smear easily. And since I have a tendency to write a lot of my books longhand first, this becomes an issue. So I have a few favorite types of pens. And whenever I start a new story or feel like I need some inspiration, I immediately start with a new pen. Like it’s the current pen’s fault that the scene is working or something.

So here are a few of the favorites :

This is my absolute favorite – the pilotVball liquid ink rollerball pen with the extra fine point. I order them in blue and black, although they come in lots of other cool colors. No smudges. And you can see when you’re going to run out of ink.

Disclaimer from the husband: Do not use these pens to address envelopes because the ink will smudge when rained on.

This is the Uniball Onxy rollerball in fine point. I only get these in black, even though they come in blue. (Same disclaimer as above)

This is one that’s been around forever – the Papermate stick pen in medium point. I order this in black, blue and red. It can be a little bit smudgy, but for the most part it works out well for me. And you can use these to address your envelopes without fear of reprisal from the rain. Or the husband.

I’ll happily take pen recommendations if you’ve got any.

Steph T.