Stealing from everyone who does end of the month search phrases and I’m not ashamed to admit it. (I steal smilies from all of you too.)

So here are the highlights – and they’re mostly of the WTF variety:

sexy dressed secretaries (I’m a little scared)
female leg models (maybe in my next life)
midget sex movies (you will find none here)
search the web for absolutely male (Jake is raising his hand at that one)
are my glasses stronger then yours (well – are they?)
personal info on Viggo Mortenson (I don’t have any but if you do – spill it)
stephanie blogs (yes she does…)
trisha fights stephanie (she didn’t win)
bdu s for sale for less 10$ (is Jake involved in this?)
Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for A Hero (Is that Kacey I hear singing?)
jaq pirate (are you, Jaq?)
infj procrastination (caught me…)
tied up spread eagle (mom – I have no idea where that came from)
lori foster agent (no clue)
conceal bustier (I’m trying but my shirt keeps opening up)
stephanie covert (I am, I am…)
all about stephanie (well, not all about…)
full house stephanie (not me, but I used to watch the show)
hells sex (not sure what that would be like)
vampira is she alive (I don’t know…)
marquis de sade (uh-oh, I’ve been hanging around with my romatica/erotica buddies for too long…)
stephanie needs a spanking (running away now since this was looked up quite a few times)

For the queen of subtext:
41 myway larissa (won’t even hazard a guess at that)
larissa a goddesses (she’s going to let this go to her head – I know it)
raised by wolves (you know she had to be involved in that one)

Steph T.