Since Jordan isn’t cooperating and diving into Debra Dixon’s, Goal Motivation Conflict, (I’ve been checking – she wants me to go first, I just know it.) I had to crack it open and take a peek.

Now, you know that I’m not a big rule follower, can’t plot and read these books more for the inspiration they provide, right? Just so we’re clear – because I can’t snowflake to save my life and the plotting board has now lost all the sticky notes. I try and stick with PBW’s three questions, but even so I usually ask them when I’m halfway through the book and can hopefully answer them. My favorite thing to find in these how-to books is a quote or two that really just brings it home for me.

With that being said, there’s one passage Dixon wrote:

You begin with whichever character appeals to you the most.

Got it. Navy SEALs usually work for me. :smoke:

And then you see the situation you put them in.

Navy SEAL-ish type stuff. Sex and danger types of things. :shoot:

You have of the types of people they’ll come into contact with. Or you already have an idea of who your heroine will be before you start working on GMC

Other Navy SEAL-ish types. 😎 And the love of their lives, the woman who will challenge them and drive them crazy. (I’m doing well to this point…maybe this isn’t so bad after all.)

Remember, their reason for being in the book is not to fall in love.


Everyone has their own agenda. This will be the worst possible time for either of them to meet their soulmate. They don’t have time. It’s dangerous. They don’t trust, whatever. So you put them into conflict. You put them in situations that throw them together, but they both have their own agenda. Things they must do.

Sometimes things are said so simply I feel I must immediately memorize them. It’s the character and the author in oppostion. No wonder my characters can be such a pain in the ass. They’re just doing their jobs.

Steph T.