Hmmm, last time I looked it was Saturday. What have I been doing? Let’s see…

Three-year-old has become velcro child. VELCRO. Hard to type when sticky hands are clawing at you. Or do the little things, like laundry.

Learned to work the TiVo. Promptly forget to TiVo any shows, so I miss all the shows I’ve been missing all season anyway.

That flashback scene? It’s been in, taken-out, put in, taken-out…I blame all of you this time, not just Larissa. (Okay, she gets most of the blame, but still…)

Think about Michelle’s post on picking a genre (does contemporary count?) and branding yourself and realize I have no brand. Search endlessly for one for past few days while velcro child hangs on me and come up empty.

Yesterday’s horoscope makes a Christmas/Santa Claus reference and I finally have evidence that Larissa writes my horoscopes.

The husband brings home a slice of fifteen layer chocolate cake from his business dinner last night and puts it on my bedside table. I don’t even pretend that I can’t handle it or say things like, I couldn’t possibly eat that, because that would be foolish of me.

Okay, I’m off to see what I’ve missed.

Steph T.