I am hoping today will be a manic writing day. I’m really hoping, because I need to get moving on BOL, especially since a new story kind of crept in while I wasn’t looking and made me write five pages. Plus scattered notes. That’s all I need is another yellow legal pad hanging around. If they ever fall, I’ll be buried.

I keep playing with the opening of my current WIP, thanks to a crit I got. But the more I play with it, the crazier I get (big surprise, yes?) So here’s my question for you (I know, you’re sick of my questions – I’ll stop soon.) Do you mind flashbacks? I’m talking ones that act like the flashback is happening in present time, using present tense, etc – an entire scene of backstory. Personally, I really like flashbacks, but I know a lot of readers find them annoying.

Oh, and I got this postcard in the mail this morning:

I’ll be back tomorrow. A nice, homecooked meal would work for me, but I’d settle for take-out. And an entire book about me. Oh, and tell Charlene I’m stopping by her house to unlock that trunk of hers. See ya. – Jake. :smoke:

Shoot, I thought he’d be gone for longer. I guess classified missions don’t last as long as they used to. *heads off in search of take-out and her burst of creativity*

Steph T.