Thank you, PBW – what you say about trends makes so much sense:

This is the down cycle in a trend, and it’s when the rumors start, but it’s not that no one will buy vampire paranormals. It’s that the market demands better, stronger books than most writers can write to compete with what’s already out there.

Off to work on my better, stronger book. *crosses fingers and says silent prayer* Hopefully I can push the migraine into the background because I need some serious words.

And speaking of words, while bloghopping, I saw someone ask other writers how many pages they’d ever written in one day. I saw Sharon had posted there – and she’s definitely my writing twin – I believe she’d said 90 pages in a day was her record, and that’s mine too. I’m a power writer – but the problem is the day-to-day writing…I justify it by dividing up the 90 pages or so and seeing how it would break down in a week, but really, my time would be better spent trying to achieve a nice, big page count daily. Then again, if I spent too long on a book, I get bored and let it go, so I guess power writing is the best method for me.

So, with apologies to who I stole this question from, what’s your personal pages-in-one-day record? Are you a slow and steady writer (which probably leads to less end of the book editing) or a ‘let’s get this book written as fast as I can’ writer? (okay – yes, I added another question. Blame the headache, feel sorry for me and answer them.)

Steph T.