Let’s see what May promises to bring…

Astrology for writers,editors,filmmakers

Aries: Slow to make changes, you may not have noticed early last month when a huge psychic item went up for bids…your long term health and happiness. Go back to the 8th or thereabouts..what was the crisis? did you make life changes accordingly or did you just put a bandaid on the wound?

So I trotted back to my blog entries around the 8th (see, that’s one of the great things about having a blog – it’s like a date book without the boring appointment stuff.) I didn’t really have a crisis then – except for the yahoo messenger crisis. I did have my, ‘are they SEALs or aren’t they’, crisis earlier in the month, so maybe that’s what this is referring to. Leave it to me to be early for the eclipse. But who cares, because it’s May.

May brings my wedding anniversary and the anniversary of us buying our house. Fitting that we have to go before our town’s zoning board in May to get a variance for the whole kitchen project we’re doing. It’s also the month that we finally got a doctor to figure out one of the most important problems the three year old was having when she was not-quite-the-one-year-old. I like May.

Dear Editor:
I like May. It would be a great time for a sale. I’m running out of band-aids, so you might want to hurry. I do, however, have an abundance of Alpha male heroes who need good homes. They keep putting their feet up on the furniture, so please hurry.

Steph T.