Why did Tana have to say ‘Beadazzler’ so many times during the episode? Didn’t she know she sounded stupid?

Then again, maybe I am stupid one for watching the entire show, which, I gotta tell you, was not all that fascinating. Not nearly as much as the Locust movie. Or the ‘real-live’ exorcism on Dateline the other night.

Which, I must admit, I only watched for a few seconds once I found out it wasn’t really John Laroquette (from Night Court, remember?) who was possessed. (This is what happens when I continue to insist that, no, I only need my glasses for driving.)

But the Beadazzler thing brings back big-time eighties memories of things like Swatches (come on, admit it – you had one of those watches – you had to) or the Madonna black stretchy rubber bracelets or the lace gloves with no fingers – (I DID NOT have these – I swear.)

*trots off humming Lucky Star to finish up edits*

Oh – the envelope’s still here. One of my friends put a dollar bill in it. The next morning, I discovered that the husband took the dollar and left .49 cents in change.

Steph T.