I really like not plotting. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy free-writing my way through a story, hitting the wall of, this is never going to work, and then stumbling across that breakthrough moment of – oh, this is what’s going to happen now. I didn’t even see that coming. I’m finding out that the more I know ahead of time about my story, the more I just don’t want to write it. There’s no magic of discovering what comes next if it’s already all pinpointed for me, and part of the fun for me is discovering the many different ways things do happen along the way once I just trust myself.

Funny thing, coming from someone who really likes knowing the end of the movie before she watches it.

And please, please tell me someone else out there watched that made for TV movie, Attack of the Locusts or whatever it was called. I caught it somewhere in the middle and it was so bad it was good. I couldn’t stop watching it, not even when the woman in charge of the Department of Energy delivered the incredibly cheesy line of, “In order for our plan to kill the locusts to work, people will have to stop using electricity.” Out of context, it’s worthless, (and completely paraphrased) but if you saw the movie you will know exactly what I’m talking about, and understand why the husband and I laughed so hard we were practially crying because it was just all so dramatic. And of course I was thinking, if it was the middle of summer and I had to voluntarily turn off my air conditioners, I’m not sure I could do it. So now you all know that if a plague of locusts descends on our country and threatens the food source, I might not be such a big help.

BTW, the envelope’s still there.

And Cece, you’d better just be busy with your request. Because I’m starting to worry now.

Steph T.